Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Checking In, in Order to Check Out

The M22 (my group) will have COS (close of service) conference tomorrow!! The time has come. I've been waiting for such a long time for this moment. All kinds of emotions are racing right now: excitement, anxiety, anxiousness, eagerness, impatience, hyper thinking and planning, regret, contentment...and the list literally goes on and on. If you are questioning how on earth a person can honestly go through all of those emotions at once, ask a new PC volunteer who had just gotten to their site, or one that is about to leave (Me!).

Among my last days I've been taking inventory of how much I've gained from my experiences.

Did I get to do all that I intended in doing while here? The answer to that is a big fat NO!

Did I end up learning more than I thought? YES!

Did I make true friendships and family connections with the people I've met here, both Moldovan and my fellow volunteers? Big YES, sir!!

Did I enjoy my time here? Some days more than others, for sure.

Do I feel content in my service? Not always, but I have to think of the little impact my presence here has been implicated in my community.

How does one do that, you may ask? Well, I will tell you...

To examine how content my presence has been here in Moldova, I need to take a look into how I've accomplished the goals of my program (COD), in which I'll outline here.

~Identify Community Assets/Interest/Needs

~Implement Community Activities

~Promote Volunteerism

~Improved Organizational Management

~Improve Sustainability of Services

~Improve Use of IT Resources

~Enhance Networking Among Organizations

~Improve Opportunities for Youth

Looking back, I can honestly say I did touch on each of them in one way or another in everything I've done here.

I wish I could have been more of an impact, could have implemented more activities, had more time to figure things out; or actually, I wish I took less time to figure things out, but more time to implement. But truth be told, that is just how it was. But if you were to ask me, if I would want to take it all back, if I could, answer is: A loud, NO!!

I got what I can take from being in Moldova and Moldova was able to give me what it can in the time I was here. Soon I will get on that plane, stuff full still with all of those emotions I came with, but with one more thing added, a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small or big, they are mine alone. That is what I'm proud to take home with me.

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