Saturday, February 14, 2009

87 not at all random things about me

First go here: To see what the hype is all about. Making random lists about yourself, who really wants to know anyways?

According to this journalist, no one does...I say, somebody obviously cares if not, why would there be a need to write this article with a list of their own to begin with. This just proves the point that the world love lists!

That is why I am making a list of my own too, except mine is bettter because it's longer, whether I am revealing nonsense, you'll have to be the judge of that.

1. I am a person who gets very happy with the littlest things, such as when babies hold my thumb or when I find silly little notes left for me, or when all my shelves are arranged in a pyramid formation (thanks Pier 1)
2. I cry to be happy
3. I am making a pact to myself that from now on, when I have vacation days, I am going somewhere I haven't gone before
4. I'm afraid that when I have children I will spoil them and give them everything, so much that they won't be people who appreciate the little things
5. I want to learn how to write in Khmer and also learn how to speak Thai and Mandarin
6. I am going to pick up Piano again, but this time with an instructor that won't hit my hand when I can't get the keys right or tell me I'm tune deaf
7. I want to learn how to swim and be able to go scuba diving with my children in Hawaii for a family vacation at one point in life
8. I really don't think I can ever go sky diving, but perhaps hang gliding, the more I think of it I really do need something to hold on to me
9. I once gave the mail lady my secret admirer letters to deliver two houses down to my admiree
10. I am also afraid that because of #4, I will deprive my children of privileges on purpose and make them miserable for the rest of their lives
11. I am going to write a Moldovan recipe book and will make my family Moldovan food years from now
12. I don't think I can go back to not having some wine with my dinner after living here
13. I really do think that one day during my lifetime I will be able to go into outer space and see Jupiter
14. I would love it if a major television broad casting station could come up with a show about Psychologists. There are way too many shows about doctors, don't you think? I mean if they can have a show about a paper factory, they can do this!
15. I am a sci-fi nerd, fascinated about outer space...I would totally do anything to see earth from the other side
16. I once jumped over the bridge when my friends did
17. Once I am old and gray I want to have an "around the world collectibles store" called "Eden's Collectibles."
18. I would want to live in Cambodia at some point in my life, to learn about my roots and get to know all of my family members.
19. It is a mission of mine to find out who my great grand parents are and to know where in China they came from. Then find my Chinese roots.
2o. I would like to have something of mine published one day
21. The song: "Blue Eyes" by Cary Brothers and "Queen Bee" by Taj Mahal makes me cry EVERYTIME!!
22. I love taking polls that are made specifically for me
23. I think that being in silence with the right people are the best times ever
24. I love to dance, but only to the right music and it is the only thing that can get me out of my funk
25. I never knew how much I hate mud before Moldova, I'm thinking I am going to make my children experience mud without a doubt
26. I love children and I love the idea of me having children, but the children part in my life planning doesn't even exist until I'm in my mid 30s, go figure
27. When holding hands with someone I never know if I should let go first or if I should wait for the other person to, but when they do I wonder why they didn't hold on longer
28. I now know how to bathe without drenching myself in water
29. I am a color person, if you want me to live in a white and black lifestyle, kill me now. I also think my food is more tasty if it's colorful
30. Back in middle school, all I wore were platforms and combat boots, in high school, sneakers, does that tell you anything about me?
31. My mom freaked out about my black nail polish and baggy pants during my youth
32. I once drove a white Toyota Corolla that rusted so bad during the winter days in Indiana, my friends identified it by the rust spots
33. I once fainted 20 minutes after waking up, now that definitely freaked out my mom
34. I still like to write messages with my food, in the sand, on fogged up windows, or with anything I can find
35. I don't like to pick favorites, and when people ask me the favorites question I stutter, but then I do have a playlist, what is that all about?
36. I find ordinary to be extraordinary compared to the super extraordinary
37. I love to people watch, and come up with theories behind their behaviors, such as why they turn left or right when they enter a building
38. I once thought that I will not settle, but now that I am growing I find that sometimes I do not have a choice (Sorry for not believing you earlier, Linda)
39. I have a great fear that I will suffer from Alzheimer when I am old, which is why I do Soduku as much as I can to train my neurons
40. I like big changes with little doses of the familiar
41. I dream about a big garden of my own with a fountain, white benches, and a little tool shed.
42. I hate perfume. Magazines that have those perfume samples are the worst.
43. I once pinched a baby just to make it cry (ok I was 6)
44. When I come home from Moldova I am going to do and eat all the things I had to give up for the 2 years until I'm sick of it, then do it again and then again some more
45. I am a horrible speller, please don't give me your papers to proofread
46. I like to hang around people who introduce me to my firsts
47. I sometimes like to argue for no apparent reason, especially when I don't even care either way
48. I like to have a lot of hiding spots.
49. I keep all my letters and cards
50. I've always like to discover new places on my own and not tell people about them
51. I like to go to the museums alone, because I can take all the time I want to look at one painting if I want to
52. I like to celebrate with a cocktail, kick back with a beer, open up with wine and forget with tequila
53. I like to walk barefoot on hot grass or lay around in the sun with nothing else to do
54. I am the type of person who will give up her eggs and say, "I don't like it that much," if there are not enough eggs for the both of us to have for breakfast, as long as you don't question it.
55. I do have a hard time saying, "No" to people, especially if I love them
56. Don't you dare stand in front of me and block my view of the concert when I've been standing in line for an hour, freakin tall people!
57. I just found out today that I do have a problem with those that spit in their hands each time they go through paper, as if the germs will somehow make the page turn faster
58. I can tell you a list of things to do inside of a refrigerator box
59. I do not have a problem with going to the movies by myself, but I hate that I can never finish the popcorn
60. If I can be any animal it would be a kangaroo, I love the idea of having a permanent pocket in my tummy for my little ones.
61. I like to ask the question, "What if...?"
62. I would rather keep information to myself, so as to keep its magic. Well unless it's a life or death situation, then only if you ask.
63. I am going to have a solar house on an island with a bath tub where my feet can reach the other end when laying in it, and where I do not need a stool to see my bathroom mirror one day.
64. The smell of fresh baked bread has always made me want to live close to a bakery
65. I hate to have to turn on the lights to go use the bathroom at night, that is why I miss my light night from home
66. I love to pile on top of clothes fresh from the dryer, hot and fresh smelling
67. The way I spend time with myself is with a book on the porch sitting in my rocking chair as the sun is setting with a big bowl of fruit, preferably watermelon, honey melon, cantaloupe or pineapple, well actually just about any fruit there is.
68. When watching TV on the couch I have to have a blanket or two on top of me, and perhaps even a pair of soft comfy socks on too, until I get too hot and take them off
69. I sometimes wake up in the morning to find myself in a state of undress, I do not remember ever taking off any article of clothing, I wonder how I do that in my sleep, does that ever happen to anyone else?
70. I love t-shirts!! Especially the ones with silly wacky sayings on them. I want to own them all!
and give them away as gifts!
71. One of these days I will cut out paper eye balls and tape them to my appliances all over my house and freak out my guests. If that doesn't freak them out, I will have names for them too, like fridgy dicky for my refrigerator.
72. I eat my hamburger upside down and apparently I peel my bananas the wrong way, but I say, "Who says?"
73. After a year in Moldova I've discovered how much I really like the taste of beets and chicken liver. However, I can live without the chicken heart and testicles, which I often find in my soups. Imagine my reaction when I first glared upon chicken organs in my spoon!! AWWW!
74. Color me red all over, and I will be the happiest girl there is
75. I've always wanted to go dog sledding and have a warm cabin to go to afterwards to defrost
76. Somehow, part of me have always wanted to be that person whom someone is running to the airport for, but in my version, the movie does not end there...
77. I too want to play Wii!
78. One of these days I will learn all the traditional Cambodian dances and knock your socks off!
79. I got held back from the first grade of Cambodian writing class, imagine how pissed I was when the 4 year olds were passing and the 12 year me, sitting there with out a certificate! I don't care what anyone says, Cambodian writing is hard!
80. I would like to contribute to finding a mystery or an unknown phenomenon about the human race one day, by stumbling upon it via a mistake, isn't that how it happens anyways?
81. Apparently I like making lists! I would be more than willing to show you my list of grants for Moldova, both in English and Romanian that I am currently working on. It's so so pretty!
82. Wouldn't it be great if someone stumbled upon this list and decided to make an Amelie-like movie about it!
83. I am dead set that if ever in the future there will be a reality show about Peace Corps Volunteers I would buy stock on it. I think that if Obama is really serious about expanding Peace Corps to twice its size by 2010, this might be an excellent advertising strategy.
84. I am deathly scared of snakes, even if it's at the zoo. The thin glass that separates us does not make me feel any safer.
85. I have to admit, sometimes Norah Jones gets on my nerves, she is too whiny at times
86. I am currently reading the 2nd book to the Twilight series and I am hooked
87. I love the functioning of commas, I wish I can stick them anywhere I want, just like I am doing now, and never ever stop, ever ever

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Meyer Frederick said...

1) You are weird.
2) But that's what makes you great.
3) More comments when I'm not using my phone.