Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Success Story

I believe that every volunteer have their own success story to tell about their service in the Peace Corps. I also think that no matter how small a volunteer's achievements may be, they all add up to fulfill the 3 very essential goals of Peace Corps.

Here I will reflect upon some of my successes and will come back to it, once I become aware of them as days come to be.

This is my Success Story

Me over coming the normal things that I wouldn't do or thought I couldn't do to do the things I do.

Clarifying the image of America to my host country nationals. Even by answering a simple question such as, "Does it snow in America?" to a 2nd grade classroom or a much more complex one, such as, "What do America believe in?"

Being able to finally tell my first story at the dinner table to my host family in complete Romanian.

Eating that chicken heart I found in my soup, since it was a delicacy my host mom prepared without thinking heaving thoughts.

Coming out of a tough meeting, with frustrations, but feeling like, at least now my work partners know what to expect from me.

Doing an impromptu presentation on everything about Buddhism to a 3rd grade classroom.

Learning all the skills I have been trained necessary to do my job.

Successfully building a network with another organization that can help build relationship among my oranization in working together to reach the same goals.

Feeling comfortable to be me no matter how akward the situation is.

Speaking to myself in another language.

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