Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Help Moldovan Children!

Wings of Hope
Dear Friends,

We are getting ready for our trip to Moldova where
we will be working on a kindergarten project through
the organization that we started,
Wings of Hope International(WHI)(www.whintl.org).

We had some success raising funds for the project
and these funds will be used to make a big difference
in the lives of many children in Moldova.

I would like to ask you to consider helping us
raise funds by using the GoodSearch search engine
that is powered by Yahoo search. Every time a person
searches using GoodSearch the company donates one
penny to the non-profit organization that person
chooses. We are registered with GoodSearch and every
time a person chooses Wings of Hope International
we receive one penny.

If you would like to support us when you are doing any
search on the web, please follow these directions:

1. Type www.goodsearch.com
2. On the first page in the second box were it says
type Wings of Hope International.
3. Then you can type whatever you would like to search
in the box above " WHO DO YOU GOODSEARCH FOR?"

You also can make www.goodsearch.com your default home
page by going to TOOLS on the drop down menu and then
choose Internet Options, then choose General tab after
you chose Internet Options and type in the box that
says Address: http://www.goodsearch.com/
Thank you for considering supporting
our Wings of Hope International.

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