Monday, July 14, 2008

The List: The Worst Places to Be a Woman

The thing to take note: It is looking UP!

Worst in Europe

Share of women in Parliament: 22 percent

Female-to-male income ratio: 63:100

Female literacy rate: 99 percent

Moldova is a major source country for women trafficked into prostitution. In a country whose per capita income (adjusted for purchasing power) is in the same league as India and Nicaragua, young women and girls often fall for recruiters’ promises of well-paying jobs abroad, only to be forced to work for pimps in places such as Russia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, the government’s efforts to prevent trafficking and protect victims have been weak; some government officials and police officers have even been complicit in trafficking. But things might be looking up: The first female prime minister took office this year.

SOURCE: U.N. Human Development Report

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