Monday, December 15, 2008

The ABCs of what Eden wants in life?

This is an effort to discover myself....

a. Happiness with little triumphant struggles along the way
b. To keep on learning something new
c. To always feel connected to nature, earth, people and life
d. To be an unconditional loving, respecting, encouraging and supportive person in all the roles I partake in life
e. To experience love with all that it encompasses... joy, pain, sorrow, laughter and tears
f. To gain respect, pride and love from my family and friends
g. To keep on discovering the root of beautifulness in everything
h. To continue reinventing myself, in other words, keep on improving as a person
i. To be a person who knows want she wants
j. To be a person who fights for what she wants
k. To be fulfilled in life, meaning to know that I took all that life is able to give
l. To always challenge myself
m. To have it in me to challenge others around me
n. To speak up
o. To know when to give up for the right reasons
p. To know myself and accept that there are definitely things I am not able to accomplish or do
q. To accept my past history and be proud of where it lead me and how it made me the person I am
r. To be able to know what is bothering me and deal with the root of the problem
s. To want to be ME regardless of how I feel at the moment
t. To accept people as they are, but to know when to not accept their behavior in which hurts me
u. To experience different corners of the world
v. To never stop laughing
w. To appreciate the people in my life, even the ones who failed me, for they teach me something
x. To turn my own failures into lessons in life
y. To be able to teach and guide those that need my help
z. To succeed in all endeavors that will lead me to fulfill all that is on this list.

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