Monday, April 13, 2009

A New Beginning

The elections are over and my Mayor is back to work!! Last week I walked into his office to catch up. I tried to reach some leveling grounds, as to who is actually on board on this road project, when will we meet next, how we will approach this time around? I gave him two more potential donors, emphasizing that they are community orientated and we should have a general town meeting, or at least get a survey of some sort to reflect that this is what the community wants, and that they are committed to helping in this project.

After 20 minutes of drinking tea and discussing, I came out of the meeting with some tentative answers, such as: "We'll meet sometime next week, we'll go into Chisinau sometime next week to talk to one of the donors, we'll do it."

So here is to a new beginning, I'm excited to be on the wagon again.

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