Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Madness

I had the best 4 days of Easter holiday ever. The madness started on Friday after a medical midterm exam in Chisinau, where though I enjoyed a hot shower, some time chatting with other volunteers in the lounge, it was the worst traveling day ever. Everyone was in a hurry to go to the villages to visit their loved ones for Easter. I ended up waiting for a full 2 hours to get on a bus home and I also had to pay an extra 10 lei since the buses were taking advantage of the high traffic volume.

Saturday my host sister and brother came to visit and we pretty much spent all day cooking, cleaning and preparing for our big Masa. Sunday morning I ditched out on going to church at 4 am to get our food blessed, simply because it's 4 am. Though when I woke up I washed my face with holy water with money and two red eggs emerged in it. I then rubbed two eggs against my cheeks and made a wish. Then it was on for a day of eating. We went over to relatives' houses and sat and drink and ate all day long.

On Monday, we went over to my Mayor's house for a masa. I was taken away by how pretty the table was with the over flowing amount of food and drinks.

Throughout the whole 4 hours of sitting and eating and talking, I noticed something different about the dynamic of the conversation. No matter how many times my Mayor kept on saying, "Let's not talk about politics," the conversation kept on going back to it. It was very interesting to hear everyone's side of the story.

After the big meal, we ventured outside to capture the beautiful spring weather.

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