Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Taking Inventory

After my big attempt to clean up our road, I got inspired to take inventory of the live animals I have around me.

Say Hello to our dogs. They are always alert and protective of the house.They still barks at me when I come home, I am taking it as they are saying hello. Maybe another year, they'll get used to me. Sometimes I wish I can let them run free, but here their function is to alert us of on comers. Still, I have a secret wish to take them out for a walk or a good run. That would be wonderful!

The baby bunnies...We have 16!

The baby chicks...25 or so of them.

The buzzing busy bees now excited it's spring, collecting pollen.

I do have to say, that once the sun is at a more constant shinning rate, I am a lot happier and more appreciative of the new life forms developing all around me.

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