Thursday, May 14, 2009

Critical Periods in the Life of a Peace Corps volunteer

I had some down time today to clean out all my papers, manuals and books today since my social assistant borrowed my laptop. I figured, If there isn't anything to do, what is better than to clean right?

Well I ended up finding a piece of paper that shows all the stages that a Peace Corps volunteer goes through, which made me think...a lot about what the stages I've gone through and what I am going through now.

I think the most important thing for me to remember is that I am going through what is the norm. I am not alone! I am so much I hate to be so NORMAL at times, however, right now it is almost soothing to know this.

So I don't have time to post all the stages, but maybe I will one day so you can know what the ups and downs are like for volunteers, but today I'll share with you the stages I am at right now....

Month 7-10

Mid-service crisis
Doubt about program, role, self, government
Various Failures over time
Reflection: disillusionment, confusion in resolving frustrations vs. victories
New trainees arrive (June 11)
Holiday/vacation/break (Rome)

Behavior/ReactionImpatience with self, program, system
Blame on the program
Constant complaining

Holiday planning/Mini-vacations
Review work plan; set new goals
Plan vacation
Celebrate one year anniversary
Develop new recreation options
Write long-lost acquaintances
Explore better in-country relationships
Return to language study and practice

Month 16-20

Increased/more defined work pace(still in waiting)
Project work (yet again, still in waiting)
Awareness of time constraints
Realization of own limitations
Post PC considerations

Hyperactivity or apathy
Downgrade achievements
Over-identification in behavior

Visit new volunteers
Physical acitivity: "Get in shape"
Focus on relationships at site
Re-examine goals and time frame
Apply for GRE, write grad schools (check)
Explore work possibilities locally or in-country

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