Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Easter of the Dead

On our way to the cemetery packed full of people. My host brother is the one carrying a bucket full of tulips and host cousin is carrying the basket full of goodies to the right.

Once we got there we provided our offerings of knotted bread, candles and good treats. Everything is arranged in little grouped together gifts, for towards the end of the day we'll give them away as gifts to relatives. I came out with a beautiful apron, a lilac coffee mug, and tons of treats!

This is my host aunt. The best part about this holiday for me is to get to meet all of my host family's relatives, sit at a masa and eat and drink all day in the sun!

I love how colorful everything is. It is such a beautiful tradition.

Posing with the family.

What is in the mysterious baskets?? See for yourselves...the red eggs are great, you get to knock it open with another person and make wishes for well being and lots of happiness. Also, rub it against your cheeks for all kinds of great wishes to come true.

This is my host grandpa's grave.

This one is my favorite picture. On the table are the beautiful knotted bread, made especially for Easter, all offered to Jesus Christ.

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