Sunday, May 24, 2009

My 1st Moldovan Wedding

My friend Olga had her wedding recently. It was my very first Moldovan wedding! I had a blast experiencing the traditions and customs.

Here is a break down of the events:

At 3 pm we arrived in north of Moldova to Mihaileni (4 hours drive from my village) after a masa at the bride's house. When we got to Mihaileni we were received by an array of guests and a marching band (coolest thing ever). Then we went to the Mayor's office to see them get registered.

Then we paraded over to the restaurant and started with the Hora right away. Then another, and another and 6 hours later, we were still dancing the Hora. This took place outside, without any chairs for resting purposes, but occasional wine shots to get energized again.

Here are some Hora dances:

The best part was when the villagers came out to celebrate as well. They brought their dinner and stood with their family and observed the festivities.

At 10pm we went inside and sat at the masa as the bride and groom's family danced around us. Then later there were a lot of gift exchange between the two families.

Here is a traditional dance with knotted bread to open up the gift exchange.

The celebration ended at 4am for us and then another 4 hours down south back home. I had a great time and so much fun. My feet were not so happy, however.

Here is me with the bride and groom.

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