Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hramului Gura Galbenei

Hram took place in Gura Galbenei on May 6th to celebrate when my village got settled, also representing when the Orthodox church in the village was built on St. Gheorghe's day. Among different activities, such as, a concert displaying Moldovan traditions, a wrestling match and other sport competitions for a prize of a roster, a goat or a turkey, there was also the dancing!

Here are some pictures I have to share:

In Moldova, where there is Hram there is a Hora dance!!! Here, it took place in the center of our village. It was great to see so many people come out and about to celebrate our Village's Birthday. It made me realize how big my village really is.

This gentleman is walking over to invite his wife to dance.

Here they are heading towards the dance floor.

Jamie (left) and Teresa (right) came out to celebrate Hram with us! My host mom is in the process of cutting into her wonderfully made chicken liver baked cake.

Here is the infamous liver cake!! It was very delicious!


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