Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dear Ignorant Imbeciles of the World...I am writing to you!

Angry at those who do not push forward,
do not break through their shell and explore what is out there!

I am SICK and TIRED of those who are not aware of what is going on around the world!

If only they would stop to think about others for once,
just a minute of putting yourself in someone else's shoes
they will see that they are not the ONLY spoiled rotten
important person in this world!

That there is much more to life...
and even when you think that is all there is
there is still more!

I am PISSED off of those who think that the world evolves around them!

How could you not see what is so obviously there?
Everything is SO darn important only when it involves YOU!

How many other living, walking souls are there in the world?
Who suffers, who hunger, who can love and laugh and smile
and tell mind blowing stories?
Just like you!

Open up your F-ING eyes and see the rest of the magnification world,
and not just the 15 mile circumference you allow yourself
to physically and mentally travel to and fourth on a daily basis!

Can you see that there is definitely a pattern of IGNORNACE
that you are imparting onto this world
that is IMPACTING my life and millions of others out there?

Have some F-ing RESPECT!!
For the human morale.
The code of conduct of life...

Get to know your neighbor's stories
You'll see that they are not at all different from you
Speak up and open up the damn dialog already!
Come on ME!

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