Thursday, January 15, 2009

Perfectly Happy

I am just that...fine, jolly, wonderfully happy
my day was full of smiles and laughter
but yet, can anyone tell me why the tears are present?
why it feels so great to let it all run down stream, streaming
fogging up my glasses...has the routine of wiping them become a joy?

Why I resort to listening to the songs, "my songs"
that I know will undoubtedly make me cry even more
reminisce even stories, my dealings

Has it been the endless emotional woes and yeas?
The ups and downs of a bipolar-like syndrome?
The life suit of a fellow PCV MD?

Or is due to hearing over and over again silent cries of others all day?
the fact that people sometimes look at me with envious eyes,
give me envious comments?
Is it the fact that I still am not perfectly happy with my life,
though others are so envious of it?
Is it the fact that I ask my self, "why" concerning that phenomenon
and still up end with the same answer?

Could it be that I see other's sad stories, sad dealings everyday
and I can't do anything about it?
Or maybe it's that, in spite of all of those things,
I still get enthusiastic "Hello!!!" from children?

Whatever it might be,
they are what they are,
Present...and that too is what I am
to experience all of the above
through the tears and still know that
tomorrow I will continue to get those
enthusiastic, HELLOS!

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