Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Turn of Events...

Yesterday was my first time seeing Olga and Liliana after coming back from Prague. It was very nice to get to hang with them, but I found out some bad news. Olga will be married in the spring. Her finance, who was working in Moscow is now living with the girls until they get married and she'll move to live with him in his village up north of Moldova. This means that she'll break her teaching for 3 years contract in Gura Galbenei and that I will lose a close friend in site.

This saddens me. I feel like I was just robbed of something. We had so much potential, in working on projects here in site, as well as becoming really great friends. Now she is too leaving. They are also talking about going to live in America to work illegally after they get married.

They asked my opinion on the economy and jobs in America. I told them straight out, that if they want to work in America illegally they would have to settle with really hard work for little pay. I also gave them the jest of how bad the economy is for Americans. After all of that, they still seemed insistent on going. They said, that it is close to impossible to make money to save up to buy a house, to start a family in Moldova.

Mai scurt, I am still as much alone as before. I need to start over with the clubs, for they all fell threw. The kids just stopped coming and I am still on a conquest to get a partner.

The good news is that I am settling much more on my outlook here than I did before. I think Prague really helped rejuvenate me. I felt more ready to come back and retry. I am much more accepting of things happening around me. I don't overreact, instead what I do is take myself aside from the situation and just plainly observe and ask myself, "Why is this happening, what are people doing and why are they doing that?"

This has allowed me to try to see other's perspectives in the moment of situations, and not to take in my emotions or reactions towards the situations first. I swear it is the only way I've found to get through some of the yelling that takes place at the Mayor's office.

Deci, I am still on a quest and am still trying to hold up my FIERCEness!!!

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