Saturday, January 17, 2009

I took my own advice...

Did I say, "Open up the dialog?"
I did!! and I did just that!!

I talked to my Mayor today, presented him all my analyzes I did from the survey I conducted at the school and all my information on starting a Youth Council in our village.

He was beyond enthusiastic and boy am I so relieved, he wants the same thing I do! He talked about having a cleaning day! Who knows how many days I've walked around our village and said that exact same thing. I told him I want to start an Internet Cafe and have a place to hang out for them and he was very supportive and provided loads of ideas! I know that I complain a lot about not having a partner, I know that he is a busy man, but I didn't exactly approach him either.

Today is a Saturday, we have to work to make up for having time off for the holidays, and it was great to have 20 minutes to seat down and talk to him without interruptions. Right now, I feel really good about being here...about BREAKING THROUGH.

When I told him, "I need to find someone to work with me on this" he said, "Erena, I with both feet and hands will help you!" That was all I needed to keep on going.

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Meyer Frederick said...

Nice work. Sometimes the best (and hardest to follow) advice is our own. Good for you!