Monday, March 23, 2009

A Gentle Reminder

Yesterday I received an email sent to me from Cross-Cultural Solutions, an International volunteer program I'd looked up before joining Peace Corps. In reading their thesis of persuasion in asking people to join their program, it made me realize somethings about already being abroad and doing particularly the exact job they are talking about. To be honest, I do get immerse in my own day to day routines and frustrations, and from not being able to see results (what ever those might be) immediately, I get discouraged about my presence in Moldova.

I know a lot of volunteers feel this from time to time, that we are not needed here, projects are hard to come by, host country nationals are not as eager as you thought they would be in working with you, or even the fact that you up rooted your life, to do nothing for 2 years (or you think it's nothing), but the truth to the matter is:

We MATTER! We are NEEDED! We are making a DIFFERENCE, no matter how small those little changes are, we are doing SOMETHING.

Below is an excerpt from the email:

"The world is facing challenging times and our leaders are asking for your help—calling for us to take action. There is a growing need for mutual understanding between people of all nations to bridge the gap between cultures, take control of our collective destiny, and gain a sense of our shared humanity and purpose. And today, understanding the perspectives of people overseas is a critical first step.

As we enter this "new era of responsibility," it's an exciting time to get involved and make a difference. International volunteers are ambassadors of change who represent hope, goodwill, and a commitment to valuing cultures different from their own. International volunteers reflect a new type of leadership—global citizenship. You can join this movement. You're needed now, more than ever."

Thank you, Cross-Cultural Solutions for this reminder to millions of volunteers that WE already ARE the "AMBASSADORS OF CHANGE".

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