Thursday, March 5, 2009

Technology Mishap of my life

The story goes somthing like this: On Sunday I came home to find my AC adapter for my computer wouldn't charge up. I freaked out, but after an hour of messing around, including stomping on the chord to get it to hook better together, I finally got it to work and thus was successful at using skype. At the moment that was my number one concern, to be able to call home. It worked and boy was I revived, then come Monday night, the same horrid no blinking light indicating a no charging computer. This time I took it easy, I got it running before, there is no reason for it not to work this time, right. Well, it charged up again after an hour or two of stomping, unplugging, replugging, recovering my comp and near tears praying to the mighty god to help me. Then come Tuesday night, nothing. No more light, no more comptuer usuage and a very sad me.

I really hate to say how dependent I've gotten with my laptop. Everything of my past, present and future is in that silly thing. The one thing I would recommend future voluneers to bring along in that suit case is thier laptop. I literally don't know what to do when I go into the office without it. I don't have a way to connect online and talk to my loved ones. I have nothing going on. It is rather pathetic!

So I went one day without it, went into the office, cleaned my work area, threw out old papers then sat there with nothing to do. I ventured downstairs and luckily, my mayor's wife had the door to the NGO that donates clothes to people in my village open. I walked in saying hello and saw that they just recieved several big bags of donated clothes from America. I asked her if she needed help to sort through the stuff. She was more than welcome in letting me help her.

For the next 5 hours I sorted through clothes as people came and picked out stuff. One thing that seemed rather interesting was how the mayor's wife was giving out voting advertisment (My mayor is running for parliament)and keep on saying to people that Veronin do not want them to bring in more clothes, so they need to vote for my Mayor's party if they want more clothes to come in. I'm not sure if this is at all correct, but from what I know, the NGO does not have any affiliation with Veronin. The donations are given from a Christian Church out of Philaphedia via an NGO ran out of Chisinau. However, like I said, I am not all at certain, but thought it was interesting.

Well, so I guess I ended up finding work after all, and I rather liked it, a different experience than sitting in the office with my laptop.

However, the idea of no computer tugs at my heart so lets just cross some fingers that I am able to get my computer up and running again. It is for the goodness of my soul and happiness for the rest of my time here.


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