Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Weekend Cu Coada"

Having finally made a full calendar run around here in Moldova, there is one thing that I can not help but take note of the fact that Moldovans have a very long list of celebrations. I am not kidding, there seem to be something or other just around the corner and without a doubt an opportunity to gather and party.

This is including all Saints day, which we all know, well now I know, there are around 1000 saints or something. I also inherited a saints day, since I am known as Irina (pronounced Erena in English), whenever that day comes around I would be counted upon to throw a party (masă) for my friends. Then do it again on my birthday.

Moldovans celebrate International Women's Day (though not that international, because the States do not celebrate it) and International Children's Day (again we don't). They also celebrate thier Independence Day, Language Day (where Romanian was made the offical country language), Men's Day (or rather Soviet Union Vetern's Day), not to mention Christmas (according to the new and old calendar), and New Years (same thing, according to the old and new calendar).

Then there's the big celebration, which is creeping up soon. Easter! On Easter Eve, Moldovans go to church until 4 am to get their food blessed, then again the next day for Easter Day service. Then there is Easter of the Dead following two weeks later in April, where they all gather at the cemetry and get blessing for family members.

I feel like with all the birthday parties along with all the other celebrations, I spend so much time at a Masă. when my work put on a masă for the females in the office for Women's Day on March 8, I was literally sitting at the table eating and drinking for 5 hours straight!! You have to understand, that is a lot of interrupted Romanian, my friend!

Okay, with that said, I've been rubbing off on my host parents with English words and sayings. They know perfectly well what "OKAY" means, I didn't realize that I say that word as much it is brought to my attention here. They also know words, such as, "training" and lastly, "weekend". I laughed so hard when my host dad started to say it. So there is a saying that he loves to say when it comes to how much Moldovans celebrate. He calls it "Weekend cu coada", which means "weekend with a tail" From now on when I try to explain to them that I have to go into Chișinău for the weekend, he'll undoubtedly say his saying and crack himself up. I love it.

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