Thursday, March 12, 2009

My schedule

I get a lot of questions on what I do on a daily basis as a Community and Organizational Development (COD) Peace Corps volunteer in Moldova. To give you a clear cut example of what I do on a daily basis, here it is:

7:30 AM
My eyes open as I curse myself back to sleep

8:00 AM
Alarm goes off, I push snooze

8:30 AM
I threaten myself to get out of bed, wash up and get dress

8:45 AM
Find my cup of coffee my host mom made for me every morning, and enter the casa mica to have breakfast, in which my host dad prepared for me (I know I'm spoiled)

9:00 AM
I go into work (5 mins walk): at work I get online if there is internet, make copies when people come in for them, work on my grant list, or answer emails. Prepare for Romanian lessons, if I was given homework.

11:00 AM
Everyday except for Thursday, I go to the school (10 mins walk) for my Romanian lessons

12:00 PM
I go home for my lunch break and sit in the sun if it's out, read or watch EuroNews or CNN on our satelite dish, if I don't get internet access at work, I connect at home at this time via our phone line if no one needs to use the phone and tolerate dial up frustrations.

1:00 PM
Monday-English Club with the 12 graders & Wednesday-English tutoring with a 6th grader

2:00 -5:00 PM
I go back to Primaria (Mayor's office) and do more internet serfing if there is internet, if there isn't, I work on translating the info in which I gathered for my grant list into Romanian. I read info, in which I downloaded off line, usually about NGO in Moldova, what type of activities they have going on. I prepare for English clubs and make more lists of things I would want to do. During this time more xeroxing takes place and sometimes people ask me to type up documents for them.

3:00 PM
We used to have this time scheduled every Wednesdays to discuss the Road Repairing project-however, we haven't done so in awhile

4:00 PM
Monday and Friday-visit the Art club and spend time with the children

5:00 PM
Tuesday and Thursday-Computer lessons for people at my Primaria at the school's computer lab

Monday and Wednesday-Taebo and Yoga, or if it's nice out I take a walk around my village and sometimes get invited in for tea at people's houses. Or If I don't feel like exercising, I go over and visit Olga and Liliana.

6:00 PM
Freetime: usually spent writing or listening to music or watching something, or painting

7:00 PM
Dinner with my host family

8:00 PM
Free time until 11 or 12 when I go to bed, which lately I've been spending either reading the Twilight series or watching Battlestar Galactica (I'm on the 4th season btw)!

That is my day in a nut shell, basically I go back and forth from the school and the Primaria. What I do love about my schedule is it's up to me, unlike other volunteers in English or Health teaching programs. This was definitely something hard to get used to, before when I didn't know where I should be spending my time when I first got into site. Now that I've developed a rountine for mysef I've grown to love this flexibility.

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