Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Starkling Contrast

I woke up this morning happy to see "Seattle" weather upon Gura Galbenei. It was pouring down rain with tons of wondrous clouds!! I loved it. A couple of months ago, this type of weather would have made me sad all day! It somehow doesn't have the same effect on me, anymore. I feel at home today! Yes!

Elections will be held this Sunday. I was invited to go to the Casa de Cultural to see how the voting process works, I had to decline, due to the fact that I am not suppose to be seen around any election activities. I am, however, in anticipation, who knows what kind of activities the result could contour up. I hope for a peaceful process and however, takes the lead, that they will help bring Moldova into a new era of development.

My host parents are still in the debate as to who they will vote for. It is a complicated process they have here, part of it is because they don't know who will be president. Right now they are only voting for the political party (28) that are running, and then based on the votes this April 5th, the results will decide how many candidates get to go into parliament and then the parties who will have the most votes, or jointed votes from other parties who do not have enough votes get to elect one person to be the President.

We will see how it turns out. It is already Tuesday, I can't believe how days are going by so fast. Yesterday I went over to Olga's and Liliana's house and we did Taebo together. It was a lot of fun. Here is to another day!

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