Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Youth Seminar = Success!!!

There were some misunderstandings, but that all comes with the job! Around 20, 9th-12th graders showed up. The Seminar was on leadership, they had a discussion group about what it means to be a leader and then they went through some activities. At the beginning some students left, by the end around 14 remained.

By the end, they were so interested in the NGO, activities for teenagers and wanted further information. In my eyes it was a success! I was the middle person, the resource! I believe that is one of my role in being here.

I am tired and oh guess what, I also taught a class of English for Olga with the 2nd graders today. She came to me last minute, that she has to go to the doctors and if I can teach the class. I was caught off guard, I'm am not all all qualified to teach! But what was I suppose to say...well I guess I can say a lot of things. Instead, I asked her what does she want me to teach, she said, they are learning how to sing the ABCs. I was like, well that's not too hard...I can do that! So I sang the ABCs with the 2nd graders for 45 minutes today! I also broke it up and had them write the ABCs on the board, I think it was a major big deal, cause they don't get to write ever on the board, I didn't know that until they made a big fuss about it once I asked them to.

What is even more interesting is that the ABC song they have in their text book is completely different than the one we learn in school. So I taught them the one I know...Oh, another weird observation, I took a look in their books and under each alphabet there is a word for the letter, such as, A for apples. Guess what they have for X....Xmas!! Serious! I busted out laughing and the children all looked at me with weird stares. I let it go and told them that X can be for X-ray.

Well, I have one more hour of work, which is code for existing in my chair for another hour. I am satisfied with today. I am, really am!

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