Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Youth Seminar

It is scheduled for tomorrow. I talked to the Assistant Director today and she hasn't even announced it to the students yet, and even asked if the NGO I invited to come present tomorrow are even coming!! I don't have a great feeling about this, I would totally be embarrassed if they show up and no students come.

The presenters are coming all the way from Chisinau (and hour and a half away) by bus, and even on a weekday, because my Director said the students won't show up on a weekend. They are committing, and here I am not at all sure if this will happen. I am literally worried, I guess this is what happens when things are not in my full control. I am learning to let it go and trust that it will all fall into place!

Please all cross fingers for me and let it fall into place!

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